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Father’s Day Gifts for Truckers

Father’s day is a big holiday for all of us that are lucky enough to have a dad, grandpa or great grandpa that’s made an impact on our lives. It’s a day to set aside and appreciate that Dad: The guy who taught you everything you know (or so he thinks.) You don’t need the perfect gift or perfect card to make Dad happy, just give him some extra appreciation and it will last for miles and miles. We also realize that Father’s Day can celebrate anyone who’s been like a father to you because not all families fit the mold. Sometimes dad’s a teacher, coach or other family member who’s stepped in to help when others wouldn’t. What’s important on Father’s Day is appreciating the person that is always there for us.

If you do plan on picking up a gift for dad, our best rule is to buy something you think they’d get for themselves given they stumbled upon some extra cash. At Raney’s, we know that most of the Dads we work with have a truck that they love so that’s a good place to start. If you’re getting products specifically for the vehicle it’s a good idea to make sure to know the make, model and year. In our gift guide for truckers we make a bunch of suggestions on how to find the right gifts and ask the right questions when shopping for a truck driver (If you are a truck driver make sure to tell your family about that page!)

Another good way to guarantee a smile is to pick up a digital gift card. This way, you know he’s going to get the right stuff and have fun while shopping for it. Gift cards are delivered instantly to your email and can be redeemed whenever they need to be. Our cards are guaranteed for life and don’t expire so dad can wait until the perfect deal pops up. Another good way to help find gift suggestions is to sign up for our email list on the home page of our website. The emails are chock full of discounts and gift ideas, especially around the holidays. We hope everyone has a great Father’s Day and treats dad to something special (even if it’s a big hug and a home cooked meal.)

Are you Ready for the Inspection Blitz?

Keeping your truck inspection-ready is a tall task but a necessary one if you want to avoid fines, dangerous accidents and even losing your CDL license. According to information put out by the CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance), inspections are important for both protecting motorists and protecting your business. Roadcheck, their annual inspection blitz, is set for June 2-4th so there is still plenty of time to make sure you are up to the set standards for vehicle safety. Inspectors will be stationed all across the country at 1,500 inspection points. This year, the CVSA and FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) have decided to focus on Cargo Securement so make sure to have due diligence for these issues. The inspection will be a full 37-step level I inspection evaluating all major maintenance points on your vehicle. We’ve assembled a quick list of tips based off the CVSA driver checklist which can be found on their website. According to the checklist, being put out of service averages $861 in expenses, not including fines and repairs!

The Inspector’s Cheat Sheet for Getting Your Vehicle Prepared for the Inspection Blitz:

1.) Start with the brakes- if they go you’re in a lot of trouble- Check for absent, damaged, loose or cracked parts. Make sure to look for the “S” camflip-over; Listen for air leaks around brake components and lines; Check that the slack adjusters are the same length (from center of “S” cam to center of clevis pin),and that the air chambers on each axle are the same size. Check brake adjustment; Ensure the air system maintains air-pressure between 90 and 100 psi; Measure push rod travel; Inspect required brake system warning devices, such as ABS malfunction lamps and low air pressure warning devices; Inspect tractor protection system, including the bleed-back system on the trailer.

2.) Make Sure Your Coupling Devices are Functioning Properly – Nobody wants to look in the rear-view mirror and see open road when you’re pretty sure you picked up a trailer that morning. This means looking at the chains and upper and lower fifth wheel for loose parts, corroded components or missing parts.

3.) Fuel Leaks can Hurt Your Inspection and Your Wallet! - Plug up and look for leaks in your fuel system and fuel tank by looking for free fluids and loose components, such as your gas cap. There are devices you can purchase to help patch leaks involving the neck of your fuel tank. Learn more by clicking here.

4.) Look Out for the Lights - If you don’t drive at night much, it’s a good idea to check and make sure all of your lights are in working order. It only takes a bulb being down for a day to result in a big fine. Also, you should make sure your cab lights are not clouded or corroded. They are a major safety feature of your vehicle and required by law to be operational. Get any necessary replacements you might need in our LED light section.

5.) Check the Steering Lash – Check the steering lash by first turning the steering wheel in one direction until the tires begin to pivot. Then, place a mark on the steering wheel at a fixed reference point and then turn the wheel in the opposite direction until the tires again start to move. Mark the steering wheel at the same fixed reference point and measure the distance between the two marks. This amount can vary based on the diameter of your steering wheel.

6.) Inspect the Tires, Hubs and Rims - A blown tire is a scary, but unavoidable, speed bump in the life of any driver. Proper tire and wheel care can reduce the chances of a major issue, so don’t neglect the rubber underneath you. Tire should be checked for proper inflation, cuts and tread groove depth. Wheels need to be inspected for missing lugs, studs and clamps, cracks and bends. Check the hubs for lubricant leaks, missing caps or plugs, misalignment and positioning, and damaged, worn or missing parts. A tire pressure monitoring system can help speed up this process by tipping you off to costly leaks early.

Another helpful way to monitor your vehicle’s health is to have accurate digital gauges for things like, load weight, transmission temperature and air pressure. Quality gauges can help spot problems before they become critical issues.

Following these tips could save you from a potential financial meltdown. Nobody wants to be out of their truck for longer than they have to and having a solid maintenance plan is one of the best ways to insure you stay on the road. A self inspection is no replacement for an expert opinion though, so make sure to have your vehicle looked at by a certified diesel technician and set a scheduled maintenance schedule based on your vehicles specific needs. Good luck everyone and drive safe this June!

Raney’s Goes Mobile: Making Shopping Easier from your Phone or Tablet

Raney's Mobile Site

In February, Google announced that they’d be rolling out major changes to the way mobile sites are valued in their search engine. With the world becoming increasingly mobile, and everyone now owning smart phones and tablets, it’s important to realize the different ways in which users browse and order from a site. At Raney’s we decided our mobile site needed a mobile makeover in order to better serve all of our customers out on the road. Sometimes it’s tough to get to a desktop, especially for a truck driver who is always on the move.  The ability to get parts ordered fast from a mobile device makes life easier and saves time and money.

This article will cover some of the basics of the new site and hopefully answer any questions you have. If there is something we didn’t cover, make sure to leave a comment down below, give us a call on our toll free number or send us a message on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to change my RaneysTruckParts.com bookmark?

Nope! All of the links to your account area, shopping cart and bookmarked products will stay the same. The site will just display in the mobile format for all of those pages.

Can I turn off the mobile version, I like the old way better?

Absolutely, simply scroll to the bottom of the page you are on and select the button “Switch to Standard View.”

Will I still get my Convoy Miles for ordering on my phone?

You will, just make sure you are logged in to your account on your mobile device. Once you are logged in, you can track your miles by clicking the “Rewards” tab in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Can I access my Wish List on the mobile site?

Yes you can, just click the three bars in the top left. Once the sidebar menu slides out, scroll to the bottom and click “My Wish List.”

Can I still use Coupon Codes when ordering on the mobile site?

You bet, just make sure to place the coupon code during the “Order Confirmation” page.

Additional Information

If there is a question you don’t see here, again, make sure to let us know. We want to make getting the best parts and accessories as easy and convenient as possible, so if you are having trouble using the new version of the site, or have suggestions that would make your browsing experience better, reach out to us.


The Mid America Truck Show 2015: Loaded up and Ready to Go!

Mid America Truck Show

It’s that time of year again. The trailer is loaded up with our booth’s supplies, the catalogs are printed and the gas tank is full. Raney’s is ready to make its yearly journey from central Florida to the lowlands of Kentucky for the Mid America Trucking Show.

Once at the show it’s clear to see that the truck show competitors have brought out the microfiber rags, chrome polish and buffing wheels and are preparing their rigs for the Mid America Trucking Show. Each year, thousands of trucks, truck drivers, industry professionals and many more make their way to Louisville Kentucky to see the latest and greatest products for commercial trucks as well as the new models being rolled out by the truck manufacturers themselves. The show itself has a long history of big reveals and this year probably won’t be an exception. The show began in 1972 with only 82 exhibitors and 4,000 registered attendees, founded by a local management group headed by Paul K. Young. Out of its humble beginnings, it has grown into one of the largest conventions in the world for trucking, filling every wing (and the parking lot) of the Kentucky Exposition Center in the heart of Louisville. In 2012, over 80,000 people registered and attended the Mid America Trucking Show and in 2015 we can anticipate that and more.

Some of the events you can expect this year are as follows:

The PKY Truck Beauty Contest: This is where you’ll see the absolute pinnacle of truck design and customization. Every year, the competition is dead-set on one-upping last year’s rigs so there is always something new to see. Plenty of past year’s winners will be there so make sure to keep an eye out for your favorite truck. Hopefully we’ll see some of Raney’s Chrome out on display in Lot J behind the West Wing!

The Fleet Forum: This is a great place to get up to date on industry trends and ways to improve your business. The full schedule is published here. The trucking industry is constantly evolving so topics like self-driving vehicles, environmental trends and getting and keeping drivers will be covered.

The MATS Concert Series: This year the Marshall Tucker Band will be headlining the concert on March 27th. Make sure to get your tickets from the Mobil Delvac Booth #18160 in the North Wing during show hours. The concert will be held on-site in Freedom Hall of the Kentucky Exposition Center immediately following the Friday edition of the Mid-America Trucking Show (March 27, 2015). Complimentary tickets will be distributed until they run out, so make sure to grab yours early.

As always, the Raney’s Booth will be there too! We’ll be located in the North Wing in booth 14060 and we’ll have some really awesome truck accessories to show off this year. There will be prizes given out and a United Pacific GLO light giveaway so make sure to stop by our booth early and get in on the action. A big new addition to the booth and setup this year is a really cool new trailer  (shown below) so make sure to keep an eye out for it. We’ll also be posting pictures and news from the show on social media, so if you haven’t already, make sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We have before and after pics of the booth, pictures of the show trucks getting prepared and sneak peaks about new products and our giveaways. Make sure to tag your posts with #Raneys and #MATS2015 so we can share them!

Raney's Chrome Trailer

Stainless Steel Exhaust Stacks: Pypes Does it Right

Stainless Steel Exhaust

The first thing that people notice on most show trucks is a shiny pair of metal stacks. They shine bright in the sun and blast the iconic black diesel smoke of a hard working engine. Over the last decade, customization of semi truck exhaust systems has exploded with tons of length options, materials and top cuts to fit any vision a driver has for their truck. Exhaust is a big investment, but by making an investment in quality, you can have a system that lasts for a long time and that can handle everything the open road has to throw at it.

Traditionally, exhaust stacks are manufactured from raw steel then are plated with nickel or chrome to give them the mirror finish that everyone desires. Now, thanks to new manufacturing technology by Pypes Exhaust, truck owners will also have the option to have a fully stainless 304 steel exhaust stack system. They have kits designed for most makes and models of trucks, such as Freightliner Classics, Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks with stacks as thick as 10″ in diameter. Because they are 304 stainless steel they are resistant to salt, rain and rust and will outlast other exhaust systems. You don’t lose any of the shine and you gain the security that you’ve got an exhaust system that is built to handle the elements. Also, the Pypes Exhaust Systems are based here in America and back by ten years of testing in both the automotive and heavy duty industry.

If you are thinking about upgrading your semi truck’s exhaust system, make sure to contact one of our parts specialists at 1-888-888-7990. They’ll make sure you get exactly what will fit your rig at the right price. Sometimes, careful planning is needed to get just the right fit with your factory setup. We also have a full assortment of y-pipes, clamps and elbows to make just about any configuration work. As always, we love to see our customers rigs so if you’ve got a great looking truck make sure to show us on social media or comment down below.

Great Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers this Holiday Season

Great Gifts for Truck Drivers

For everyone who knows a driver, is married to a driver, or has a driver somewhere in their big beautiful family we’ve got you covered for gift ideas this holiday season. Every year we try to publish a list of products that would be a good fit for anyone who lives their life on the road. We understand that, to a trucker, a new set of laser cut floor mats can be leagues better than another itchy sweater and a cheap watch. All of the products featured in this post would make good fits for anyone that owns, operates, or is a fan of big rigs. We’ve also scale model trucks for the collectors and the kids as well as gift certificates for those that can’t make up their mind. Make sure to sign up for our email list by clicking here and follow us on social media for awesome Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday and holiday coupons and deals. We’ve broken the product list down into a hand full of categories, but at the end of the day only you know what’s best for your giftee!

Electronics for Drivers

Blue Tiger Sound Pods – These things are compact, durable and put out some high quality sound! Perfect for a parking lot pow-wow, back yard barbeque or a trip to the lake. They sync with any Bluetooth device or and have a 3.5mm headset port allowing you to bring the music wherever you go.

Portable Sound PODs

Rand McNally IntelliRoute GPS – The GPS has gone from a luxury to a necessity in a matter of a few years. They are now affordable as every and loaded with tons of features to make driver’s lives easier. There are both generic GPS units for any vehicle and units specific for truck drivers that have things such as redistricted routes, weight limits and scale locations.

Trucker GPS Unit

Blue Tiger Bluetooth Head Sets – A professional truck driver spends a good amount of time on his phone and a hands-free headset makes this possible, even while on the road. Blue Tiger head sets combine value and quality and make a great gift for any driver that wants to have both hands on the wheel.

Trucker Headset

Dual Dash Cam by Blue Tiger – One of the best ways to avoid insurance nightmares and protect your assets is to have a high quality dash cam installed in your vehicle. With the dual cam you can record two separate feeds at once to maximize your vehicle’s protection.

Dash Cam for Trucks

Semi Truck Accessories

Minimizer Floor Mats – These laser cut to fit, high quality floor mats are the perfect addition to any truck’s interior, especially ones that takes a beating. These floor mats were designed from the ground up by the Minimizer engineering team to handle even the dirtiest boots and harshest conditions. Sometimes you take the elements back into the cab with you and these mats make cleanup easy and keep your cab’s floors safe from moisture, grime and gravel. They are available for most makes and models of truck and make a great gift for a driver who values their truck.

Minimizer Floor Mats

Hornblaster Bullet Full Train Horn Kit – Sometimes you gotta make a lotta noise and there is no better way to do it than with a Hornblaster Kit. If you’ve ever wanted to install a train horn on your vehicle, or know someone that does, this is the kit to start with. It comes with everything you will need to set it up including: 18 feet of both 12 & 18 gauge wire, an inline fuse holder, a toggle switch & relay, and the necessary electrical terminals. It makes a perfect gift because there is no running back and forth to the hardware store.

Train Horn Kit

Diamond Plated Foot Pedals – When you’ve got to lay the hammer down it’s always nice to know you’ve got quality underneath your boots. Any driver will appreciate his product and the manufacturer’s commitment to quality. These diamond plated pedals are a great accessory to add that little bit of flair while also increasing pedal weight and traction. These pedals are made to fit the Peterbilt 379, 386, 388 and 389 but we’ve also them for Kenworth and Freightliner trucks so don’t miss out on this great gift opportunity.

Peterbilt Diamond Plated Pedals

Stocking Stuffers

We realize that not everyone owns a truck so here are some gifts that just about anyone can enjoy.

Scale Model Trucks – The Kenworth logging truck below is just one of the many scale model trucks available as gifts this holiday season. They make an awesome gift for both collectors and children who want to grow up to own and operate a big rig truck. There are 1/32 scale, 1/50, 1/87 and more for just about any sized stocking!

Kenworth Scale Model Log Hauler

A new Hammer Lane Apparel Shirt – Hammer Lane is a new brand of shirts for people who live life on the road. They have styles for men, women and children and would make a great addition to any stocking. Orders over $75 this season have free shipping.

Ride with pride ShirtBig Tonka Kids ShirtOld School Kenworth Shirt

A Raney’s Gift Certificate - Sometimes the best gift is letting someone choose their own! When it comes to customizing your vehicle, it is easy to change your mind. With a gift certificate it gives your loved one the opportunity to hold out until they can make the perfect purchase to complete their dream truck.

If this list has been helpful make sure to share it! Or, if you’ve seen other great deals out there on the internet you think truckers will appreciate, share them in the comments below. If you are still strapped for ideas check out last years list of products by clicking here.

Hammer Lane Apparel Launches Sporting Some of the Coolest Shirts Around

Hammer Lane Apparel

It’s not everyday you run across a tee shirt that really makes you stop and think.

Usually tee shirts are something we end up with after a truck show, concert or sporting event. They might get quickly worn out or not be the best quality, but they remind you of something special that you experienced with friends and family, hence the phrase: “Been there, got the tee shirt.” For people who live life on the road, whether it be as a truck driver, biker or soldier, tee shirts can pile up quickly as you experience the world and all it has to offer. Sometimes though, you want more from your clothes. They can say a lot about you and the people you represent like the infamous skull-laden jackets of the Hell’s Angels or the iconic denim jacket of James Dean.

Hammer Lane Apparel is a new brand of tee shirts that sets out to break the mold of the throw-away tee shirt and deliver iconic quality and comfort, creating a message and meaning that will leave them being your new favorite tee shirts. Hammer Lane started with the idea that people who live life on the road need a brand that represents them. The Hammer Lane is slang for the left lane: The lane you take when you need to get to your destination fast with the pedal down. The shirt’s designs reflect this idea displaying vintage shots of big rigs and stylized pictures of the tools of the road. The initial line of shirts has eight unique designs to choose from and Hammer Lane has confirmed a slew of other shirts to be released over the coming months. Their website, HammerLaneUSA.com will have updates and information about all of their apparel as well as an easy way to order. You’ll also find Hammer Lane at events all across the country reaching out to the people that make their business possible. If you enjoy social media, Hammer Lane has you covered too. Following them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram is a great way to hear about new designs and specials, and capitalize on giveaways and promotions. Who doesn’t like cool pictures and free stuff?

Here are two of the featured release shirts from Hammer Lane Apparel:

Old School Hammer Lane Shirt

Old School was inspired by the classic Kenworth W900A and the tradition of preservation in the trucking industry. There aren’t many things in the world that get used every day and still last for decades other than an American made diesel-powered truck.

Hammer Lane Original Shirt

It all started with a logo. The hardest working people hammer away at life, day in and day out. The Hammer Lane original is where it all begins, leaving the future as wide as the open road.

To purchase, or for more information on the creation of the shirts make sure to click the images.

Why You Need a Quality Tire Pressure Monitoring and Management System

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

In manufacturing and technology, once a good idea takes hold, there is little the market can do to stop it. Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems better known as TPMS started popping up in the 1980′s as a performance feature for high end sports cars. They improved safety ratings by helping the driver know when and where his tires were low on pressure by using sensors mounted along the inside of the rims. Because they were built to the individual vehicles specifications they were an accurate and reliable method of checking the tire pressure. Finding a TPMS system for trucks became difficult because factors like tire, wheels sizes, frame-rail composition and trailer brand could all vary from tractor to tractor.

As part of the TREAD Act passed in 2005, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems with a light indicator became required on all vehicles with a gross weight under 10,000 pounds (Source). Policy makers and manufacturers realized how important it is for the driver to know the current levels of pressure of his or her vehicle. Though there isn’t a similar law in place for Class 8 vehicles yet, it is still a very good idea to install a form of tire monitoring in your vehicle to reduce the time from having to do a manual inspection, even though a supplemental, daily manual inspection is generally a good idea. In general, TPMS systems for heavy duty trucks involve individual sensors for each tire on the vehicle feeding into an onboard monitor within the cab of the vehicle. Some systems have the figures on the tires themselves and involve checking them by hand.

The HawksHead system of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems allows for a hook and drop method of installation. This let’s fleet owners quickly switch the monitors between trailers. The HawksHead system also can register multiple tractors or trailers to the same monitor with an easy system to switch between vehicles.

Some of the direct benefits of running a TPMS system on your truck or fleet of trucks are:

  • Increased fuel efficiency as a result of proper inflation levels
  • Less dangerous and costly blowouts
  • Accumulate data on which trailers and tractors go through tires faster to see if adjustments can be made
  • Less time in the shop and less time manually checking inflation levels

Best practices on Tire Maintenance by the Commercial Motor Vehicle Associations and some facts related to tire maintenance.

  • About seven percent of all tires are under-inflated by 20 psi or more. Just 44.15% of all tires stay near ±5 psi of their optimal pressure.
  • For-hire carriers generally have a better track record than commercial fleets in tire maintenance.
  • Tire related maintenance is the greatest annual expense in commercial vehicles.
  • Tractors with mismatched dual tires are at a special risk for varying pressures. Approximately 20% of all vehicles with tires that differ in pressure by more than 5 PSI.

If you have any questions about purchasing a system for your vehicle or fleet make sure to call our parts specialists. They can assist with any project you have in mind regarding your rig.

Our Biggest Winterfront Sale Yet

Semi Truck Winter Fronts

As winter fast approaches so does the need to stock up on winter supplies. The anti-freeze is stocked in the garage, the snow boots are brought down from the attic and the snow chains are on the pick-up. What you can’t forget to do is make sure you’ve got a premium winter front installed on your big rig because even if everything is accounted for at the house you’ve still got to get back out on the road and keep earning. Winterfronts are one of the best products for getting the most out of your semi truck during the winter. They insulate the hood and help heat up the cabin fast so you don’t spend any time freezing after you’ve buckled yourself in. They also keep the engine from running too cold and allowing fuel to accumulate in the oil and needing to flash it off. It can also help protect the radiator from damage.

We realize it’s important to plan ahead, especially in an industry where time is everything, so we’ve started running a great promotion on our winter fronts this month. We’ve got fronts to match most makes and models of trucks and we ship them fast to meet your business’s demands. Don’t wait till you’re freezing your mitts off on a cold December morning and click the banner to start shopping today. The deals last until March but winter won’t wait for anybody.

Truck Driver Appreciation Week: The People that Move America

Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Truck driver appreciation week is wrapping up for 2014 and we at Raney’s want to make sure everyone out there that operates a truck knows how much we value what they do for this country and how we want to make it our goal to deliver only the best products and service to our customers. The above coupon is good through the rest of the week and, as always, make sure to look for other deals and discounts featured in our email blasts and on social media.  Our “What the Truck?” competition is also continuing through the 26th so make sure to submit your picture soon! Details can be found here.

Every year, the trucking industry dedicates a week to drivers and to honoring the hard work they do while on the road. News outlets, forums, blogs and business organizations spanning the political spectrum all take the week to thank the drivers who make America great. The ATA (American Trucking Association) reports hosting their first truck driver appreciation week in 1998 and now just about every group has some form of appreciation or “thank you” posted to their websites, in their magazines or with social media.  Some groups also use the week as a time to raise money for good causes. Landline Magazine reported having an influx of donations for a charitable organization they work closely with, the St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund. Part of what makes the trucking industry, and truck drivers, great is the ability to band together and help those in need. Trucker’s Against Trafficking is helping to combat the epidemic of human trafficking by bringing awareness to the industry and supporting victims of the crime.

People tend to see truck driving as just a job but during weeks like this it is so clear that truck driving is a way of life. You meet tons of people on the road, see the country in a way many people don’t get to and forgo the luxuries of a desk job to keep this country moving. In our humble opinion, driver appreciation shouldn’t be confined to just a month. The world needs to realize that if you bought it, a truck brought it.

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