As we speak, the Raney’s team is rolling out the deals on our website in preparation for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can get 5% off on any products in the “Stocking Stuffer” category and 10% off any of the Black Friday chrome accessories. You aren’t going to find deals like this anywhere else in the chrome industry. We want to do are part to spread the holiday cheer.

Some of the products included in the sales are our custom grills, visors, wheel covers and steering wheels. The arch angel steering wheel has finally been put on display. This thing is the ultimate Christmas gift. Keep checking back in for the listing to appear.

Our photo opportunity of the month will be to see if we find anybody with Christmas lights strewn up and around their rig. It would be a great opportunity to let everyone know you are home for the holidays. If you have your picture featured for one of our listings you’ll get a free hat and calender! Submit all your images to the “Contact Us” section of the website with the subject as “Truck Pictures.”