Sometimes owning a great looking truck isn’t enough. You have to let the world know! With today’s technology you can take great pictures easily and share them on the internet with all of your friends and family. Most smart phones are equipped with a high resolution camera and stand-alone digital cameras are cheaper than they’ve ever been. These cameras can get the job done, but might now give you the wide frame of reference you need for calenders, magazines and web ads. Also, plenty of truck shows would like a press packet before allowing entry into their contest. For these you’ll need to take the next step into professional photography.

Finding the professional for the job

There are some high profile options for truck photography. On example is Walter Hodges Studios. They specialize in truck photography and could provide a trucking company with a great collection of photos to use for selling material. For those on a tighter budget, you can can commission a local photographer using the yellow pages or craigslist or, if you are on a budget, contact a local community college or technical school and see if they have any photography students looking to bolster their resume. Most will work for free to build a portfolio.

Doing it yourself

First, you’ll need a camera. Any of the Canon Rebels are good starter cameras. They are affordable and can take studio quality photos. The current entry level model out in stores is the Canon – EOS Rebel T3i shown below.

Cannon TI

The Rebel specializes in outdoor shots, perfect for a truck in the driveway or garage.. The T3i has a lot of helpful settings and base that is compatible with most flash and lens extensions if you decide to go pro. I wouldn’t worry about extensions till you’ve really familiarized yourself with the camera and its different settings. Also, if you are familiar with the Adobe products suite (Photoshop) you’ll be able to touch up the photos you take with relative ease. The best way to learn Photoshop, if you are unfamiliar, is through They have great walk-through videos for all sorts of software.

Hopefully this will get everyone started! Here is an example of some studio photos we took using our in-house equipment and Photoshop.