Truck Platooning information

Automation foreshadows the future of the trucking industry, and formations like Truck Platooning utilize these advanced technologies to maximize their potential. Incentivized by Governments and potential profits, companies and universities alike have already embarked on the race to be the first to safely implement automated Trucks. However, like many changes, there are inherent and unforeseeable risks.

Unanswered Questions About Truck Platooning

How will Platooning Trucks deal with merging onto Highways and Interstates? While computer automation can potentially respond immediately road hazards, will they be able to summon enough stopping force to avoid a platoon colliding into each other when cut-off by a reckless driver? Until these critical questions have definite answers, we will have to rely on more proven methods of increasing aerodynamics and fuel-efficiency, like Trailer Gap Reducers and Trailer Skirts.

What’s your opinion about the future of the Trucking Industry, and what do you think about Truck Platooning? Do you think that it is a better, safer alternative to manual driving? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!