Gift Ideas for Truckers - Top 10 Holiday Products

The season of giving is upon us! Bundled somewhere within the holiday festivities comes the challenge of finding that perfect gift for your perfect person. That’s why your friends at Raney’s Truck Parts would like to make your shopping experience a little easier with some Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers. We’ve put together 10 Semi Truck Accessories that are sure to make great gifts for truck driving Dads and Moms!

Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers - Product 1 Three Trumpet Train Horn1. Three Trumpet Train Horn:

Train Horns may not seem like the most practical gifts for truckers. But few Trucker gifts can gather everyone around the family Big Rig to relish in the unique Christmas carol of a Train horn. This 3-Trumpet Train Horn also adds chrome and style to any rig without an overwhelming holiday installation hassle. Upgrading from the pathetic Prius-like squeal of a stock horn will surely bring a smile to kids and Truckers alike.

2. Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers - Product 2 Headlight Bezels2. Headlight Bezels:

Headlight bezels are a lot like ornaments on a Christmas tree, you don’t really notice how much better it makes everything look until it has been added. And much like ornaments, the chrome and LED components on these bezels will always look great, day or night. Best of all, you can throw these bezels on the most noticeable area of your rig faster than you can decorate the Scotch Pine sitting in your living room.

3. Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers - Product 3 Complete Chrome Axle Cover Kit3. Complete Chrome Axle Cover Kit

Cover up those ugly, greasy axle rods to keep your Rig shining like Rudolf’s Red Nose. Kit includes an easy application tool for rapid installation along with everything you need to cover the front two wheels and all four rear wheels for that classic Top Hat look (Lug nuts included. Spike lug nuts optional). This complete kit makes for an awesome gift, and like Santa’s sleigh, these Chrome Axle Covers never rust, nick, or dent!

4. Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers - Product 4 Chrome Swan Truck Hood Ornament4. Chrome Swan Truck Hood Ornament

Like many traditions this holiday season, the Chrome Swan Hood Ornament is a true classic! Reminiscent of the Packard Swan hood ornament, this design will add class and shine to any Rig—without that luxury price tag. This Hood Swan is a must have for any Trucker in the market for a Hood Ornament, or if you want to get wild, try to top your Christmas Tree with it.

 5. Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers - Product 5 Classic Mahogany 4 Spoke Steering Wheel5. Classic Mahogany 4 Chrome Spoke Steering Wheel

Wood has long been used to spruce up automotive interiors. Naturally integrated with sophistication and detail, wood can dramatically change the look of your entire cab, and this wood steering wheel is no exception. The Mahogany 4 Chrome Spoke Steering Wheel will dress up any semi truck’s interior with class and shine making it a  great gift for any Trucker—Plus, at 18-inches in diameter it’ll make a huge present!

 6. Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers - Product 6 Zephyr Super Shine X Polishing Kit6. Zephyr Super Shine X Polishing Kit

Zephyr Polishing Kits are great gifts because you don’t have to worry about accidently forgetting an element of the cleaning process; everything you need to get a Big Rig shining like it was done by the Pros is in one convenient box. A consistent cleaning and maintenance schedule can boost the longevity of a Truck’s exterior, and ensure that it looks its best.  

 7. Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers - Product 7 HD Dash Camera7. HD Dash Camera

Trucking is an adventure. Each time you embark towards a new destination, you never know what you’re going to see and experience—both on the road and off. Share these experiences with your friends and family by using a HD Dash Cam! Plus, video evidence can be invaluable during potential disputes.

8. Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers - Product 8 Blue Tiger Dual Elite Wireless Bluetooth Headset8.Blue Tiger Dual Elite Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headsets have become increasingly popular in the trucking industry since the Department of Transportation prohibited mobile phone usage. The Blue Tiger Dual Elite headset makes the perfect gift for the Trucker in your life, so they can keep in touch with friends, businesses, and family while on road. Plus, the noise-cancellation features on these Headsets are truly impressive; whoever you are talking to will never know you’re punching it in the Hammer Lane with the windows down.

9. Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers - Product 9 Hammerlane Holiday Box

9. Hammerlane Holiday Box

Even Santa has to replace his old rags eventually. With this Holiday Box from Hammerlane, you can get everything you need to keep truckin’ in comfort and style. The Holiday Box includes two shirts of your choice, a trucker hat in your preferred color, and a sticker all for one low price. Just gift wrap the box, tie a bow on it, and you have the perfect present—Great for truck driver gift basket ideas!

10. Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers - Product 10 Raney's E-Gift Card10. Raney’s E-Gift Card

Really not sure what to get someone? Or maybe you waited just a little bit too long to get your loved ones a gift (No judgement, here. Christmas Eve technically still isn’t Christmas). Don’t worry, Raney’s has your back! Our E-gift cards are a perfect way to get someone exactly what they want, and come in themes like Birthday & Christmas so they don’t think you completely forgot about them—just tell them it’s a “Personalized Truck driver gift.”