Stainless Steel Exhaust

The first thing that people notice on most show trucks is a shiny pair of metal stacks. They shine bright in the sun and blast the iconic black diesel smoke of a hard working engine. Over the last decade, customization of semi truck exhaust systems has exploded with tons of length options, materials and top cuts to fit any vision a driver has for their truck. Exhaust is a big investment, but by making an investment in quality, you can have a system that lasts for a long time and that can handle everything the open road has to throw at it. That’s where Pypes’ Stainless Steel Exhaust Stacks come in.

Why Stainless Steel Exhaust Makes A Difference

Traditionally, exhaust stacks are manufactured from raw steel then are plated with nickel or chrome to give them the mirror finish that everyone desires. Now, thanks to new manufacturing technology by Pypes Exhaust, truck owners will also have the option to have a fully stainless 304 steel exhaust stack system. They have kits designed for most makes and models of trucks, such as Freightliner Classics, Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks with stacks as thick as 10″ in diameter. Because they are 304 stainless steel they are resistant to salt, rain and rust and will outlast other exhaust systems. You don’t lose any of the shine and you gain the security that you’ve got an exhaust system that is built to handle the elements. Also, the Pypes Exhaust Systems are based here in America and back by ten years of testing in both the automotive and heavy duty industry.

If you are thinking about upgrading your semi truck’s exhaust system, make sure to contact one of our parts specialists at 1-888-888-7990. They’ll make sure you get exactly what will fit your rig at the right price. Sometimes, careful planning is needed to get just the right fit with your factory setup. We also have a full assortment of y-pipes, clamps and elbows to make just about any configuration work. As always, we love to see our customers rigs so if you’ve got a great looking truck make sure to show us on social media or comment down below.