National Fun at Work Day

Work, by definition, has always been tough and time consuming.

But now, with changes to the way people view the workplace and what it means to be part of a company, work can be fun, exciting and fulfilling like never before thought. January 29th is National Fun at Work Day so Raney’s has taken the opportunity and lined up an exciting day of food and fun for all of it’s team members. Each department was randomly split into six teams of four or five and was pitted against one another in some classic backyard games. The lineup included: Jumbo Jenga, ladder golf and corn hole. All of this was capped off with some much needed beverages and delicious pizza as well as a paper airplane contest. Each of the teams were given a fixed set of supplies (some paper clips, pennies and a sheet of paper) and had two chances to throw their design and claim victory.

Even though the holiday made for a fun day in the sun (with some wind too!), Raney’s still finds plenty of other occasions to get together and celebrate. Official Chromozonian Parties happen all through out the year. You can read about some of the teams other adventures and outings here. If you think this sounds like a place you want to work, make sure to check out our information center for potential employees found here or email us at