Raney’s is among only 49 other companies in the entire state of Florida that are being recognized by GrowFL for bringing value to their community, growing the local economy, and creating jobs! We are so honored to be featured among these impactful businesses who are doing amazing things in our state. There’s something to be said about the people you choose to have on your team and how much of a difference they make! Our CEO Joel Raney and his band of Chromies have made Raney’s what it is today: a career-building, customer service driven ecommerce force!

Raney’s on the Award

In an interview with Grow FL, Joel remarked on this achievement and the impact it will have on Raney’s and the local community, “There are many amazing and fast-growing companies in Florida so for us to make the list of only 50 is special,” he said. “We don’t work hard for recognition or rewards, but it sure does feel good when you are recognized. That is something special I can share with the team to show to everyone who contributed and is working hard so they can see how much of a difference it’s making. That’s really special to achieve that and gives them more pride and meaning in what they’re doing. I also think it’s special that I grew up in Ocala and we can help build the reputation that it’s a great place to live in and build a business.”

When asked for advice for other young aspiring entrepreneurs, Raney explained, “First, be prepared to work very hard. Nothing comes easy when you’re building a business. It’s lots of headaches, stress and long hours. Some people think you can jump in with a good idea and run with it, but be prepared for how much effort is involved.  You need to be in it for the right reasons.”

Grow Fl Award Selfie

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