Raney’s is all about customer service. From Sales, to Marketing, to Customer Service, to Warehouse, we all work together for a common goal of keeping our customers happy. Well, at the end of the year, we like to recognize the people that make sure this happens. As it turns out, each Chromozonian plays a part in this production, and we like to celebrate with an annual End of the year Party!

With catered food, a bartender, games, and awards, we’re ready to begin the festivities! This year is especially important, as this was our first End of the year Party in our new Headquarters.

Our company believes in upholding our eight core values: kindness, dependability, humility, passion, happiness, honesty, creativity and family spirit. Every year, we choose individuals that we believe best demonstrated each core value. Our Chomozonians nominated who they thought was deserving of each, and our secret panel of judges made the final decisions. Our Chromozonians understand the value of what these awards mean, and their faces light up when it comes time to hand them out. With cold drinks in our hands and stomachs full of endless pasta, we’re ready to enjoy the evening and watch our fellow Chromies receive their awards.

Along with the awards, we enjoyed music from our very own DJ Norm the Storm, and a very competitive game of Chromozonian trivia. Turns out, we know a lot about our coworkers— though some things are better left not knowing—which just proves how close we are with one another.

It was a great way to end the year, but now we are ready to tackle 2017! New memories to make, new customers to meet and build relationships with, and hopefully new Chromozonians to add to our team! Think you have what it takes? Check out our Career Page to view open positions here at Raney’s.


We had a full house and full bellies.


Our Core Awards winners! Way to go guys!


Casey is our Handy Smurf!


Thank you Norm for lending us your DJ skills!