Every quarter our Chromozonians gather to go over announcements and updates in the office and whenever there’s a chance to get everyone under the same roof, we never hesitate to make that happen! Thus, this Wednesday we held our Quarterly Breakfast in our Headquarters break room! This week was Mardi Gras and Employee Appreciation Day, so we decided to combine the two holidays with a day full of beads, prizes, and a very special opportunity for one of our Chromies to rule the Kingdom of Chromeland!

Our CEO Joel Raney wanted to acknowledge all employees, but wanted to put a fun spin on it: one person from each department volunteered to speak to a specific department and thanked them for what they do individually and as a team. One thing that we’ve learned by being a Chromozonian, is that all our success is due to each team and everyone’s combined contributions. Like a well-oiled Semi, it takes a multitude of working parts to make the machine run properly. Although some of us stepped out of our comfort zones to speak in front of everyone, by the end of the breakfast everyone had been personally thanked by a fellow coworker #worthit!

As our Chromozonians enjoyed breakfast and a Mardi Gras tradition of King Cake for the occasion, one of our Chromies, Sue, found a “crown” hidden inside her slice of cake! We crowned her as Queen for the day, and garmented her with a full royal costume and power over her “subjects.” The day also entailed of raffle prizes like spa massages, golfing, date night, and a zipline tour! And as one last surprise for the team, we each received a handwritten card from our team leaders! There’s nothing quite like a thought out, personal message to show your importance to your team and to a company you work for.

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Katie spoke on behalf of the accounting team to show appreciation for the Warehouse crew!


You better believe there’s a dog at every Raney’s event!


How many Chromies can you fit in a break room!


All hail Queen Sue!


The Queen had her loyal subjects kneel before Jon while he gave his appreciation speech.


Everyone was a good sport and played along with our Queen for a day.


Our Tron Team keeps their handwritten appreciation cards on their desks (aww)!