Who wants to be a millionaire? 

I’m sure everyone has what it takes, but only six Chromozonians were chosen to put their brains to the test with a special version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire! Inspired by the TV show, we gathered questions, sought contestants, and challenged them to battle against each other for the million dollar prize!

Six Chromies were randomly given specially marked coins that determined who would go on to play the game. Tensions were high all day, as our Chromies anxiously awaited 1 o’clock when Round 1 of questions began. Sales, Customer Service, and Accounting were the first group of contestants to play. We filled the kitchen with an audience, brought out Regis Philbin, and started the game with a series of questions directly from the show! We allowed Chromozonians 3 lifelines to use at any point during the game, and sure enough they used them! They were allowed to phone a Chromie, ask their department for help, or do 50/50! Nicole from Customer Service fought hard and dominated Round 1 by calling her coworker Norm! The two of them teamed up and put their heads together to figure out the question, and they got it right, which secured her spot in the finals! Round 1 with Marketing, Warehouse, and our Tron team began at 2 o’clock, and Jon brought his A game, sending him to battle with Nicole in the final round!

Raney’s Million Dollar Finalists

At 3 o’clock, there was a full audience of Chromies, questions were even tougher than the first round, and we learned that far too many people don’t know what embalming meant! Jon studied the game and questions all day, but it turns out he wasn’t ready for Nicole’s strategic game play! Even when he asked his department for help, Nicole came out on top and won the million-dollar prize!

Office games are a lot of fun and our team of Chromies are always up for a fun day at work! Work hard, do what you gotta do, and make sure to have fun in every day! That’s how we do things at Raney’s, and we are looking for people with the same values! Think you have what it takes to be a Chromozonian? Check out our Career Page to view our job opportunities!



Pick a coin, any coin!


The fates have chosen Shannon, and he gladly accepts the challenge.


When Regis is speaking, we all listen


The scoreboard doesn’t lie!


You just won a million dollars!!!!! Go Nicole!