For the Babies

Well, Ocala has done it again! This year’s March for Babies Walk was a huge success thanks to the amazing sponsors and volunteers for the March of Dimes. This past weekend we had twenty-five Chromozonians (not including our Raney’s pups) volunteer and take part in the event to fight against premature births. It was a great opportunity to see families in our community who have experienced premature births in their family gather together. Premature birth is the number one killer of babies, but with every donation and sponsor we can save more and more babies. This is our second year sponsoring the March for Babies, and we plan on continuing to support this cause and give every baby a fighting chance! From now until June 30th we can make a donation to reach their yearly fundraising goal, and maybe even surpass their goal!

Superhero Chromies

Our love for all Superhero’s inspired our shirt designs and more importantly our desire to help out and support the Superhero Sprint!  We handed out purple capes to the kids and gave them a chance to participate in the race and get in the spirit of the event. Alexis took some awesome footage of the sprint which took place before the race. What a great way to get the crowd pumped!

Our team decked out in custom Raney’s shirts in honor of the occasion, along with some handy fans which we handed out to our fellow participants. After about an hour being out in the sun, everyone was grateful to have those fans; a 5K walk in Florida summer is no joke. But for the babies it was worth it! Our Chromies woke up bright and early to help sent up our tent, and volunteer at other booths that needed a helping hand. We even had a Chromozonian couple celebrate their 22nd anniversary with us! Our family loves to give back to the community and to great organizations like this. Join our team by clicking here and viewing our available career opportunities!


Check out our biggest “fans” 😉


Celebrating their 22nd anniversary!


Hey Maria, nice logo!


Shannon and Davida helping at our Superhero tent!


Stephanie, Allyson, and Cherry handing out leis to parents of premature babies.


It’s Chrome city!


It’s a hard life being a Super Pup!


Quick team selfie because #Chromozonians rule.


Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!



It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Super Chromie!