Looking to add some extra Chrome to your Rig? Fender Trim (in this instance Volvo VN Models Front Wheel Trim) is a great way to accentuate pre-existing chrome, keeping the flow of shine throughout your Semi Truck. Although it may not seem like much, adding accent trims like Fender Trims can be the finishing touches that makes a good-looking Rig into a great-looking Rig. Another great example of this are Headlight Bezels. Headlight Bezels are that perfect addition to what is normally the most chrome’d out area of a Truck: the Front.

Volvo VN Models Front Wheel Trim

Volvo VN Models Front Wheel Trim (2003+) Volvo VN Models Front Wheel Trim available for model years 2003 & up. This product wraps around the top of your front wheel-well, brining out the detail of your kick panel, cab and sleeper, door, and fairing trims. To install, prepare the application area by making sure that the surface is clean of any waxes, residual solvents, and other contaminants. Once clean, ensure that the application area is dry then peel the protective layer of the trim off to reveal the adhesive backing. Simply align the wheel trim with your wheel-well and apply firm pressure to prevent any air from getting between the fender and the trim. Quick tip: Don’t peel the protective liner off the adhesive on the trim until it is time to install. Doing so will protect contaminants from sticking to the adhesive before application.

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