Light Duty Accessories: Toyota Vent Visors

You’ve known that Raney’s Truck Parts has every type of Heavy Duty Truck Parts that you can think of, but were you aware that we also stock some light duty truck accessories? Here at Raney’s, we’ve got something for you Toyota fans out there: Vent Visors! Available in both Smoke and Chrome colors, Raney’s has a large selection of Toyota Vent Visors for your Tundra & Tacoma. To find the proper vent visor for your vehicle, simply narrow your search by the characteristics of your truck (e.g. Extended Cab, Double Cab, or Access cab). Then, simply choose the Model Year that matches your truck and you’re good-to-go!

Why Purchase a Vent Visor?

Vent Visors serve a multitude of purposes, and for their small price tag are a worthwhile investment. By design, vent visors will aid in keeping rain from coming inside your truck while also letting fresh air in. However, they also reduce interior wind noise & mirror fogging, keep your parked vehicle cool while in the sun, and of course, keep the sun out of your eyes. Best of all, our Toyota Vent Visors don’t require any special hardware or drilling. To install, simply peel off the adhesive covering, align on the desired application location, and press to your vehicle. These vent visors are car wash safe as well as UV & Scratch resistant, so they will continue to look brand new no matter the conditions!

Raney’s Truck Parts

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