Dynaflex Exhaust & Stacks

Dynaflex Products has been manufacturing the highest-quality stacks in the Trucking Industry right here in the good ole US-of-A since the early 1970’s. Their relentless pursuit of excellence has made them a staple in the industry, and arguably the most innovative brand of Big Rig Exhaust.

Just how innovative are we talking?

The company’s origins begin with a major aeronautical breakthrough for the Kennedy Moon Project. Their innovative thinking lead to a “dynamically flexible” connector that would withstand the harsh conditions of Space Travel–hence the name, “Dynaflex.” Afterwards, Dynaflex brought that same innovation to the Truck Industry to craft superior Big Rig Exhaust Kits. But if that isn’t enough to convince you of the quality of Dynaflex Exhaust, we sat down with Cory Pehrsson, Dynaflex Products’ VP of Marketing, to get his take on why Dynaflex is the best in the industry. Plus, he clues us in on some upcoming projects that haven’t yet been shared! If you’re looking for all of Dynaflex Products’ line of Exhaust Stacks, click here to shop.

Dynaflex Exhaust: The Original Monster Stacks

Dynaflex Exhaust vs. Mix and Match

Raney’s: To Begin, Let’s Start Off With a Brief History of Dynaflex

CP: The company started in 1968 and became incorporated in 1972. Our product line stemmed from a “dynamically flexible” connector rooted in the founder’s previous work for the Kennedy Moon Project. The product diameter found direct application into heavy duty trucks. Our metal replacement connector was a more expensive, but much higher quality option that eliminated the down time associated with failure. Success wasn’t instant, but eventually we got our first purchase order and started operations out of a storage unit in Marina Del Rey, California. This model, that of providing higher quality products that last longer, began our ever-evolving relationship with owner-operators who value quality parts manufactured in America.

Eventually we were working on mufflers, elbows, tailpipes, clamps, brackets and every other section of a truck exhaust. When moving into chrome plated products, we approached that process with the same core values: made in the USA of the highest-quality components available to our industry.

Raney’s: What Drove You To Create The “Original Monster Stack?”

CP: It wasn’t really a “want to” type of situation. Our brand has always found its roots in making quality products that solve a problem or meet a specific need that our customers/industry demands. In the mid 1980’s, customers began requesting more chrome and larger diameters.  Ultimately, the first 8” chrome plated tube we made was our 87BC muffler. That was a 5” in/out muffler with an 8” chrome body. We still sell a few hundred of them every year.

Said simply, our customers pushed us into making the “Original Monster Stacks.”

Raney’s: When Dynaflex Was First Getting Into The Exhaust Industry, What Were The Company’s Goals?

CP: Fix the consistent issue of downtime by manufacturing high-quality products that had fewer issues.

Raney’s: Why Should I Buy Dynaflex? What Makes Your Product Better Than The Competition?

CP: Lowest “true cost of ownership.” You pay more upfront, but our stacks will last longer with fewer issues due to their quality. What do we mean when we say quality? The short answer is fit, finish, and function – all proudly made in the USA.

Fit – Our taper loc’ connection is the key. An Original Monster Stack innovation from the 1980’s that consistently fits better than any of the other industry options. Our parts will come together and seal in an unmatched format, eliminating both the benefits and headaches associated with a one-piece pipe system. The Dynaflex taper-loc allows for the unmatchable aesthetic quality associated with our modular Z, AK, and 2x systems. It’s an often imitated, but never replicated, feature of our stack line.

Finish – Our ability to make taper loc’s that seal lets us to make parts in size formats that are compatible for polishing techniques that create an unrivaled mirror finish. One piece pipe systems get damaged in transit and are impossible to polish, never allowing for the quality of finish that our Z, AK, and 2X series possess. We pride ourselves in the form of chrome we use, which is not what you will find on shopping carts or slot machine handles. Hard chrome is very specific in use and withstands the beatings of the road much better than any of its less expensive counterparts. Polished stainless steel pipe systems that are not chrome plated will turn yellow with heat and should be avoided if a brilliant chrome luster is what you’re after.

Function – The functionality of our easy to use kits demystifies the upfit process for whichever application you are installing your Dynaflex Original Monster Stack system on. Forty-five years of heavy duty exhaust work provides us (and our customers) with unmatched expertise. All of our systems are specifically designed to function with the unique requirements of the truck it has been designed for.

As a family business that has always made our parts in Los Angeles, California, the words “Made in the USA” speak of quality, excellent craftsmanship, a superior product, and unmatched support before and after purchase. We have a ton of pride in what we do, and we know how much pride our customers take in their equipment.  We are honored to be a part of the equipment our customers use to support themselves, their businesses, and their families. (If you want to see first hand the difference in quality & durability of genuine Dynaflex Products versus their cheaper, lower quality competitors, click here or scroll up to view the video above.)

Raney’s: How Do You Know You’re Getting Genuine Dynaflex Products?

CP: Every Dynaflex Original Monster Stack part has a genuine part marking (See image below). Etched deeply into the material, the marking consists of our logo, the part number, manufacture date, and the text “Made in USA.” Also included is a unique 5-digit code that allows us to trace the specific work order any given part was made on. Work order information provides data on who bent, cut, trimmed, welded, polished, and Quality-Checked (at multiple points) that particular stack. All pertinent information regarding the manufacturing process. We are the only company in the industry with this level of traceability, making any after-sale problems much less stressful for all parties involved. 

Dynaflex Exhaust Etching

Raney’s: What’s The Creative Process For Your Designs? Do You Ever Get Input From Your Customers?

CP: Many new trucks come out of the OEM manufacturer in a format that isn’t exactly what our customer wants. Our Chrome kit catalog provides complete systems of bracketry & pipework to aid in getting what a customer wants out of their exhaust system and truck aesthetic.

In all cases, no drilling and no extra fabrication after the kit arrives are our goals. Just bolt on, as easy as possible. We hit existing holes in the frame and remake bracketry to “place” things where the OEM’s should have put them coming out of the respective OEM factories. At any point in time you can walk into the Dynaflex manufacturing facility and find a truck being worked on. Prototyping and testing our systems for at least 1 year before launching, our kits provide detailed installation videos, all subcomponents necessary for upfit, and ship with complete bills of materials.

Raney’s: What’re Some Projects You’re Working on That You’re Most Excited About?

CP:  When it comes to our line of Original Monster Stacks, we are excited to announce a patent pending system for new emission W900L’s.  An extremely interesting development process led to this system, as a 2011+ W900L with the same motor as a 2011+ 389 runs about 30% hotter at the elbows. We burned through a lot of chrome figuring this out and are proud to have found a solution for our customers. With no systems on the market, and one of our most requested unavailable kits, it should be received well. The fact that we were able to patent it should give us some protection from replicators, something that we’ve had to continually deal with.

As an added bonus from the W900L design and testing, systems will become available for:

  • 2007+ W900L
  • 2007+ Coronado
  • 2007+ Western Star 4900
  • 2007+ International Prostar
  • 2011+ W900L
  • 2011+ Coronado
  • 2011+ Western Star 4900
  • 2011+ International Prostar

I’d like to thank Cory for being generous enough to break away from his busy schedule to answer our questions. I hope this post has been insightful and helps you make the best choice for you & your Big Rig. Ultimately, it is up to you to determine if Dynaflex Exhaust is worth the investment. Just remember, you get what you pay for. If you want to check out Dynaflex Products’ Exhausts & Stacks, you can find that here.

What’re your thoughts on Dynaflex Exhaust, and their up & coming W900L system? Do you have any questions or comments that you want to add to this post? Let us know in the comments below!