Music and the open road seem to go hand in hand. There are limitless songs about desperados and vigilantes taking each day as it comes, trying to carve out a niche in the world. The best way to cure white line fever is to turn on the radio and let the sweet twang of a brass guitar whisk you away. In the past, you had two options: AM or FM, coupled with the hope that there was a decent radio station within listening distance of your transistor.  Now, in the internet and satellite era, there are countless ways to steam music right into your cab. For those who don’t care for music, there are podcasts on almost any subject; from sports & leisure to business & politics. With so many options it is really hard to decide where to start. We’ve assembled a list of some of the most popular music and streaming sites available to help you decide which one is optimal for your tastes:

Grooveshark is a free music streaming site available to anyone without even having to sign up. They have a mobile app that is very easy to use but is only available to their premium subscribers. Premium adds some features that are neat, like sharing songs on and storing your own music on their servers, but isn’t necessary to enjoy their radio and playlists.

Spotify Spotify is another free streaming site that is very good at suggesting new music to listen to based on your tastes. You can either select pre-made playlists from your friends and the public or create your own and share them on Facebook and Twitter. Social has become a huge part of music sites because the best way to find new music is to ask your friends! Spotify also has a subscription package to be able to use their mobile app and get rid of advertisements.

Lastfm is a site where you can record what you’ve been listening to on your mobile device or computer and use it to generate a radio station that plays music you might like. It is also a great resource for information about different musicians. It has most artist’s popular tracks, albums and concert dates. is free if you use your internet browser but the mobile app has a monthly fee. also has a great app for the Xbox live suite that hooks up with your account. This way, you’ll have a perfect radio station waiting for you at home when you get back from life on the road.

All of the images above link to their appropriate site. I would recommend starting with to get a music history started and move into a paid streaming service later down the road. All three have free radio options so you can’t really go wrong!

For those of you who don’t care for music, or would like to learn something new while you drive, podcasts might be the route you want to take. They usually last about forty-five minutes and can be downloaded to your phone or music device in a matter of seconds. They fit into your MP3 player just like a song track would and can be arranged in playlists by topic. A good place to start looking for podcasts that are relevant to your interests is in the NPR Podcast Directory. They have something for everyone broken down by topic. A good trucking specific podcast can is the Landline Now Podcast. They have insightful callers and guest speakers as well as a steady stream of owner/operator specific news topics.

Happy trails everyone.