We are in for a record setting heatwave this summer, and when your job takes you all over the country you really feel the impact. The temperature outside doesn’t even compare to the temperature inside of your dry van or in a cab with a broken air conditioning unit. A lot of times you will be climbing in and out of the back of the trailer to help facilitate loading and unloading. This will help burn some calories, but when it is one-hundred degrees out it becomes a safety issue.

Some quick tips to help cool yourself off:

  • Drink water. It will replace the sweat and liquids you are losing to the heat and make sure you don’t pass out from dehydration.
  • Buy a portable fan for both you cab and dry van. Here is one that mounts to the dash and plugs into any 12 volt slot. If your trailer hasย electricalย outlets it might be a good idea to move it out there when loading and unloading.

Depending on what part of the country you are in, the heat can have different affects on your body. Some people call it “dry heat” vs “humid.” One might feel a bit cooler with a dry heat but you are still losing water just as fast. Don’t forget to hydrate no matter what.