Gifts for Truck Drivers

Buying Gifts for Truck Drivers has never been easier now that everything they could want is only a couple of mouse clicks away. Truckers are responsible for their own safety, health and comfort so it is always important to keep their lifestyle in mind when purchasing a gift. Every driver is different so make sure to take into consideration things like:

  • Do they ride at night mostly?
  • Do they drive in cold or warmer weather?
  • Do they own/lease their own truck or drive for a company?
  • How much space do they have in their cabin and do they frequently long haul?

With these basic questions covered you are ready to start shopping! Below is a list of great gift ideas and products for any driver or truck enthusiast.

Raney’s Gifts for Truck Drivers

1. Seat Covers

These are a quick and affordable way to customize and improve a driver’s cabin. They are available in a wide range of styles and colors and fit most models of seatsSeat covers for big rigs

2.CB Radios

No big rig is complete without a CB radio. Even in today’s age of computers, tablets and cell phones its still nice to tune in and have a conversation with a fellow driver. CBs have a rich tradition in the trucking world and can act as a reliable backup communication device if the need ever arises.

3. Trucker T-Shirts

T-Shirts are a perfect way to show your love of big rigs and are perfect for drivers, their significant others and children alike. Anybody who loves trucks can appreciate a stylish t-shirt. Some are really funny and can make a statement about your personality right up front.

4.Polishing and Buffing Kits

This is a perfect gift for any trucker who likes to have a little chrome and shine on his big rig. There are different size kits for any application. The best place to get started is the Zephyr Professional Polisher’s Starter Kit. It has everything you’ll need to give your truck a professional look for a fraction of the price it would cost to have it done in garage. There are also more affordable kits for buffing and wheel polishing.

5.Heavy Duty Boots

Trucking is a tough job and sometimes you’ll be getting in and out of your cabs in all types of weather and dangerous conditions. A good pair of boots is important for both comfort and minimizing on the job injuries. Nothing can set you back quicker than a serious injury to your feet. At the end of the day they are the real money makers!

6.Blue Tooth Headsets

These are a staple of the trucking industry and have pretty much become a necessity for most drivers. Hands free head sets make talking on the road much safer and easier. A good safety record is a veteran driver’s most valuable asset so make sure you have both hands free while on the road. Blue Parrot makes an excellent headset and is the preferred brand of thousands of drivers. They are the perfect gift for any trucker and are also very affordable.

Blue Parrot HeadsetBlue Parrot Express Headset

7.Hood Ornaments

These are a classic way to dress up the hood of your big rig. There are tons of options to suit any personality from the Peterbilt Swan to the iconic Deathproof Duck from the timeless film Convoy. They install easily and brighten the mood of anybody looking in their rear view mirror.

PACCAR Swan Hood OrnamentDeathproof Duck

8.GPS and Navigation Units

Rand McNally has a great reputation for trucking specific GPS units and navigation aids. The TND 700 is the hallmark series of ย the brand and makes a perfect addition to any driver’s tools.

Rand McNally GPS

Online Shopping Tips

In addition to these great trucker gifts here are some other useful tips for online shopping during the holidays:

  • Make sure to leave yourself plenty of time for the products to arrive. If a product is in stock it can take 3-5 business days depending on your zip code. Also, don’t forget to be the one checking the mail! You don’t want to ruin a good surprise.
  • Start a wish list early: if you know what you are probably going to be buying during the holidays it will make it easier to shop for the best deals on those products. Make sure to check back at our homepage frequently and sign up for our newsletter. We will constantly be offering deals through the shopping season.
  • Know what is going on sale during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. If there is something you must have on sale make sure to be ready to purchase! Things can stock out quickly.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If something doesn’t feel right, or you aren’t sure about a purchase make sure to call or email to clarify. Shopping should be fun, not stressful.
  • Keep a list of coupon codes. There are tons of sites online that offer coupon codes and if you plan on making multiple purchases, it will be very helpful to keep a list: Just like Santa!