Raney's Gifts for Truck Drivers with Santa

With the holiday season rapidly approaching so too is the stress of trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. As we’ve done in years past, Raney’s has prepared our recommendations of gifts for truck drivers. In this list, you will find the best trucker gifts for any budget and operator status – all from the comfort of your own home! When gifting for your trucker boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, remember: truckers are responsible for their own safety, health, and comfort so it is always important to keep their lifestyle in mind when purchasing a gift. Every driver is different so make sure to take into consideration things like:

  • Do they drive mostly at night?
  • What conditions do they drive in? Do they have to deal with cold weather often?
  • Do they own/lease their own truck or drive for a company?
  • How much space do they have in their cabin and do they frequently long haul?

With these basic questions covered you are ready to start shopping for the best gifts for truck drivers! Below is a list of products for any driver or truck enthusiast.

Raney’s Gifts for Truck Drivers

Raney's Complete Chrome Pointed Axle Cover Kit
1. Chrome Pointed Axle Cover Kit With Spiked Lug Nuts:

Axle cover kits are an inexpensive way to dramatically restore the look of your rig. In a matter of minutes, you can cover rusted, greasy axle rods to have your Rig shining brighter than your neighbor’s outrageous Christmas lights! This kit comes with everything you will need to cover both front wheels and all four rear wheels, and it’s available in two options: twist on and push on. Best of all, the high-shine finish on these never dents, nicks, nor rusts – sort of like the rooftops that Santa lands on.


Kenworth Redline Floor Mat
2. Redline Floor Mats:

The only floor mat to offer complete coverage of Santa’s sleigh is now officially available for your truck! When considering gifts for truck drivers, or any automotive enthusiast for that matter, you can never go wrong with floor mats. Redline’s unique design provides complete coverage of your truck’s interior that’s laser-measured for precision. Constructed of rugged thermoplastic rubber for superior durability and traction, these flexible floor mats are simple to install or remove for cleaning purposes and feature raised edges for tray-like functionality to keep liquid and debris contained. With Redline Floor Mats, they will never stress about messes again!

Drift Trucker Mattress
3. Drift Mattress:

Give the gift of a great night’s rest! The comfort and support of in-home mattresses have finally made it to Big Rigs. The Drift hybrid mattress combines the pressure relief of memory foam with a reinforced center for extra back support. Add in their patented Driver’s Edge technology for a stable, comfortable sitting edge and you’ve got the world’s best truck mattress – rumor has it Santa sleeps on one!


Vehicle dash cam with three mini cams

4. Eagle Eye 4 1080p GPS Dash Cam:

While driving, you will encounter breathtaking views, picturesque sunsets and sunrises, and more of America’s beauty. Documenting these moments can be great to share with family. And remember when we said Truckers are in charge of their own safety and security? The presence of a dashcam can reduce the likelihood of theft, as well as provide indisputable video evidence in legal and insurance matters.


Mahogany and chrome 18" steering wheel

5. 18″ Classic Mahogany 4 Chrome Spoke Steering Wheel:

A steering wheel can improve the comfort, function, and aesthetic of one’s rig, making them an awesome gift for a loved one! This mahogany steering wheel comes loaded with sophistication and detail that only wood can provide. Best of all, it’s one of the most affordable steering wheels on our site – it is a true customer favorite!


Angry Duck Hood Ornament
6. Angry Duck Hood Ornament:

An iconic piece from the 1978 cult-classic film Convoy, this Angry Duck Hood Ornament features the same design as the one adorned on Martin “Rubber Duck” Penwald’s Mack truck in the film. Gift a loved one a piece of trucking history that symbolizes the rebellious spirit of adventure that fuels the trucking industry. Also available in gloss and flat black! 


Truck Cleaning & Detailing Kit
7. Zephyr Super Shine X Polishing Kit:

A consistent cleaning regime can have a lot of benefits for a trucker. A clean ride is not only a point of personal pride and necessary to keep the paint in good shape, but it also helps a driver be safer on the road! Visibility is critical for professional drivers, and with multiple areas of limited visibility on a Big Rig, driving with dirty windows or headlights is a no-go. Used by pros and beginners alike, the Zephyr Super Shine X Polishing kit is stocked full of everything that one would need to get their rig shining once more. Packed into one convenient box, this kit can be wrapped and placed under the tree in seconds of its arrival making it one of those perfect gifts for truck drivers. Zephyr’s kit also makes it easy on those who aren’t familiar with the type of truck their loved one drives, or if you’re a little late on getting your gift (no judgement here).

Semi Truck Train Horn
8. Heavy Duty Mega-Size Train Horn:

Remember when you were a kid and would motion your arm downward at the sight of a trucker? Now imagine how embarrassing it would be if, instead of hearing the roar of a train horn, what murmured was the squeal of a puny car horn. Put a smile on the faces of truckers and children alike with this authentic, super loud train horn! No gift will gather the family around the family Big Rig for a unique Christmas carol like a new train horn.

Semi truck microwave by Whirlpool
9. Whirlpool Countertop Truck Microwave Oven

Being healthy while on the road is one of the greatest challenges truckers face. They’re constantly in a battle against time, and unless they’ve reached their driving time for the day, stopping to sit down at a restaurant is out of the question. Usually, this means getting something from a fast-food restaurant. In a sedentary profession like trucking, this can really take a toll on one’s health. Having the ability to heat up a pre-made, healthy meal can truly make the difference in one’s quality of life – and it can save some money too! 

10. Raney’s E-Gift Card:

If you’re looking for something a little more specific or if you don’t know specific aspects about the truck you’re trying to find a gift for, don’t fret! A Raney’s gift card is a great way to give the perfect big rig accessory without having to worry about ordering the incorrect part. Our gift certificates even allow you to leave a personalized message so that you can tell them how special they are to you – who said a gift card had to be a cop-out! Best of all, the eGift Card is completely digital so you never need to worry about losing the gift card or forgetting the balance.


Online Shopping Tips

In addition to these great trucker gifts here are some other useful tips for online shopping during the holidays:

  • Make sure to leave yourself plenty of time for the products to arrive. If a product is in stock it can take 3-5 business days depending on your zip code. Also, don’t forget to be the one checking the mail! You don’t want to ruin a good surprise.
  • Start a wish list early: if you know what you are probably going to be buying during the holidays it will make it easier to shop for the best deals on those products. Make sure to check back at our homepage frequently and sign up for our newsletter. We will constantly be offering deals through the shopping season.
  • Know what is going on sale during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. If there is something you must have on sale make sure to be ready to purchase! Things can stock out quickly.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If something doesn’t feel right, or you aren’t sure about a purchase make sure to call us to clarify. Finding gifts for truck drivers should be fun, not stressful!
  • Keep a list of coupon codes. There are tons of sites online that offer coupon codes and if you plan on making multiple purchases, it will be very helpful to keep a list: Just like Santa!