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What Are The Best Load Boards for Owner Operators? Let’s Find Out!

Load Boards

Online load boards are a great way to help keep your wheels turning so you never have to deadhead. Some load boards are among the oldest websites in the trucking industry. A truckers network is his most valuable asset and frequenting a reliable load board can be a great way to meet brokers and find work where you otherwise wouldn’t be looking. Most of the time all you need is a MC# (Motor Carrier Number) or a DOT# depending on if you are looking for loads or providing them. The big question then becomes: How do I know which load board to trust and how much is too much as far as fees are concerned? Many drivers won’t get out of bed for less than $2.00 a mile while others don’t seem to mind. It is all about finding the finding a place that consistently offers freight tailored to your schedule, equipment and desired rates.

So where to start?

Lets look at some reviews and analysis from across the web of different load boards. We’ll compare size, average rates and user feedback. Because freight rates can vary so much from week to week, we’ll be trying to aim for averages. There will obviously be exceptionally bad and good loads to find on all of the load boards so we don’t suggest using this information to rule out a company completely.

DAT Loadboard – The largest load board on the web,  and in many respects, the most useful. They have frequently updated freight trends available on their site as well as a large list of driver resources. Another plus is DAT will guarantee payment and help collect in the event on non-payment. They have a free reporting tool to get estimates on their rates averaged by region, weekly. For example, they are reporting that Memphis is averaging $2.15 a mile while Atlanta is at $1.94 a mile.

Getloaded.com - One of the most streamlined boards, Get Loaded is tailored primarily to drivers who quickly need to find load. They have very highly rated mobile app for both iOS and Android phones. Their basic package is $29.99 but it doesn’t include many features that most truckers desire. You’ll have to go to a more premium plan if you want credit scores, back-haul links and toll information. There are also some questionable reviews on this site concerning the site.

TruckStop.com – Also called the Internet Truckstop, this loadboard has been around since 1995 and charges $35.00 a month for its services. The site is a bit dated, but from what we’ve read online the loads are fine. You will also have to pay for credit checks on brokers at a clip of $15 per 25 checks.

123Loadboard.com – Another board with a good reputation and useful features such as their Rate Check. According to 123Loadboard.com:

Rate Check will track critical freight rate data from thousands of truck lanes for all major North American market areas… Rate Check breaks down the most profitable truckload lanes by analyzing the average rate per mile, line haul revenue and average fuel cost per trip. Transportation professionals can target where they want to haul freight based on the dollar amount generated by specific routes. This allows them to negotiate better rates to increase their profits.

Picking smarter loads is definitely part of remaining profitable in this industry. For the best results, it seems good to mix the rate matching tools of different load boards and compare the regions you’d be most interested in. Many times the advertised price will not be what the freight left the dock for so make sure to establish terms with reputable brokers.

There are load boards popping up on the internet all the time so make sure to never settle for a sub par service. The monthly fees can add up so make sure to look for promotional offers and free trials. Here is a list of a few trials you could get started with:

  1. 10 days free at 123loadboard.com
  2. 10 days free at getloaded.com
  3. 30 days free at truckersedge.net
  4. 30 days free at transcore.com

The internet is here to stay and is quickly becoming the beset and fastest way to do business in the trucking industry. If you are an owner/operator make sure to make online load boards part of your business model moving forward. Even if they are not a primary source of leads and revenue it is always a good idea to have a backup plan for when times are slow. With some boards costing nothing, or next to nothing, what do you have to lose?

Posted on Friday, May 24th, 2013 at 7:39 pm.

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17 Responses to “What Are The Best Load Boards for Owner Operators? Let’s Find Out!”

  1. ray says:

    Ive been using 123loadboard for two years i really liked there service but now that i want to cancel because we are not running trucks they keep charging me they capture ur card number so u cant remove it there is no place on the site that lets u cancel the customer service when i emailed them insisted to charge me another month my banks says that ill have to get a new card so i dont get charged i was only planning on takin a few months off of there service but this inconvience has cause me to never return to that loadboard

    • Yeah, I don’t like sites that make it hard to unsubscribe. In some cases I could see that being a complete deal breaker.

      • Wendy Williams says:

        Sorry to hear that. I am in fact very happy with 123Loadboard.com and their customer service. Every time I call they’re extremely helpful. In fact the last time I called they gave me a free account upgrade just for being a member for 12 months. Never had any billing issues either – always monthly charges just like my cable bill. This load board is easy to use, fast, and affordable.

        • Antonio Gutierrez says:

          I agree with Wendy. I really enjoy 123Loadboard. In fact, I also downloaded the 123Loadboard mobile app and was able to find a load within 10 minutes. Some main points: 123Loadboard’s load board app is fast, easy to use and allows you to search for loads to and from multiple locations.

    • Harold Woods says:

      I’ve only had great experiences with 123Loadboard. Always easy for me to find loads and has up to date credit ratings. Great tool and very good customer service. Never had any issues with my bill. Thanks, Harold Woods.

    • Cheryl Wellington says:

      123Loadboard offers a very reliable service. I was recommended 123loadboard.com by several of my fellow truck drivers who enjoy it. I am glad that I registered as I find better loads on it. The Load Planner tool helps me set up my week with loads to hauls. In my opinion 123 loadboard has better freight and tools compared to other loading sites.

  2. Joe Swirczynski says:

    The simplest way to get rid of any ‘autopay’ charges on a debit/credit card is to get the card provider to issue you another one with a new number. This is also something that should be done every year or so to prevent identity theft.

  3. WOW !! This post just cost 123loadboard $420 or so a year. After 14 years in transportation, I opened a brokerage and was going to use them to post new loads. Thank you. Such a shame and disregard to customer service. They probably have this plaque on their headquarter’s wall that explains their “mission statement” is to provide the ultimate in customer care.

    • David Goldberg says:

      123Loadboard is easy to use and worth the $45 monthly fee. I would recommend this company to anyone. Best regards, David Goldberg.

  4. John says:

    Stay away from ReferATruck. They start sending you spam right away,even iof you ask threm to be removed.

    • Loadmax Rep says:

      If you are looking for a great loadboard you should check out http://www.loadmax.com We have 1000′s of loads offered by us as well as over 100,000+ loads posted every day. We do our best to prevent Duplicates so you don’t have to search thru 1000′s of duplicate loads. We have many features that the Owner / Operators look for including Document management.. so you can store your Operating documents to be sent to any new brokers you work with with a click of a button.

  5. Carl says:

    Any site recommendations for LTL & straight truck owner operators? Seems like 99.9% of the loads on these subscription boards are for full loads 48ft or larger…new to trucking so any help would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Wendy Williams says:

    Very happy with 123Loadboard.com. Never had any billing issues. This load board is easy to use, fast, and affordable.

  7. David Goldberg says:

    As a 123Loadboard.com member, I am proud to be part of one of the largest freight matching networks in North America. They’ve been providing our company with reliable load and truck postings, trucking tools and more. Keep up the great work!

  8. Kris Devino says:

    I used 123load board for about 7 months then ended up not needing it cause I found a dedicated lane. The phone number is under contact us it isn’t hidden. Follow the prompts and speak with a live person. I explained why I wanted to cancel received cancellation email confirmation while still on the phone. Had no problems with them great customer service and they still call occasionally to let me know about changes they have made.

  9. Antonio Gutierrez says:

    I am a big 123Loadboard.com fan. The load board is fun to use and I find loads that I don’t find on others.

  10. Guys check out Tankersnow.com the only tanker only load board out on the market

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