What if there was an easy, accessible way to find freight opportunities so that you’re never wasting time and gas deadheading after a successful haul? Enter: load boards. What is a load board, you may ask? A load board is a matching system that pairs truckers with freight brokers to quickly find loads. Truckers may also post their truck to have freight brokers contact them about potential opportunities.

Dial-A-Truck in 1978

Load Boards: How it All Began

The first load board was created at the Jubitz Truck Stop in 1978 by DAT, known more commonly then as Dial-A-Truck. Posted in the lobby of the Jubitz’s restaurant was a single monitor displaying various loads, the same loads that used to be scribbled on a notepad before being pinned to a bulletin board. Underneath the monitor displaying the loads was a toll-free phone to call about the loads being displayed above. Quickly, it replaced the practice of venturing to truck stops to strike up a conversation with drivers to see if they were headed in the same direction as your load needed to go. Within a couple of years, those monitors had popped up in over 200 truck stops across the country. 

Nowadays, load boards can be found everywhere and their online marketplaces can be accessed from anywhere thanks to our smartphones making it accessible to book hauls with our fingertips. All that is needed is an MC# (Motor Carrier Number) if you’re looking for loads or a DOT# if you’re providing them.  In some respects, a load board could be considered a networking site exclusively for truckers as the frequent interaction between brokers and truckers creates a great way to build relationships. 

At the forefront of the digital load board industry remains DAT, which hosted 179 million posts for loads and trucks alike in 2017 alone. With DAT’s efficient & effective technologies, one can acquire all the information they could ever need. You could view a broker’s credit score and days-to-pay details or the rate index to learn about the average rate for a specific region nearly instantly. If you’re new to trucking and are looking for hauls or have yet to experience how easy it is to find loads with DAT, Raney’s has partnered with DAT to offer a special on the TruckersEdge load board to its members. Sign up for TruckersEdge today and get your first 30 days free by signing up at www.truckersedge.com/377959. This offer is available to new TruckersEdge subscribers only.

Do you remember what it was like before digital load boards, or maybe even when the first Dial-A-Truck monitor was released? Do you like the convenience of digital load boards or miss the good ole days? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!