It is very easy to tell if a product is good or bad if you use it all day, everyday. A seat needs to be comfy, cushioned and adjustable to your size. Even the slightest imperfection can nag at you as you finish up a long day’s haul. A chip or imperfection in the grip of a steering wheel can cause your hands to slip and distract you. Even static in your headset or a low volume output on your phone can be extremely annoying, forcing you to repeat yourself or ask someone to repeat themselves over and over. Having quality equipment is paramount to having a stress-free and enjoyable work environment and for drivers, that means a lot of different things. This article will focus on the constantly evolving blue-tooth headsets and how picking the correct one can make your work life so much easier. Having your hands free to shift and steer is required so drivers need headsets that give the best sound quality without being too large or distracting. Bluetooth headsets are a great way to continue doing business while on the road and hopefully this article can shed some light on them.

A few things to know when picking a headset – Am I picking a DOT approved headset? Some headsets are too bulky or do not meet individual states qualifications for wear while operating a motor vehicle. All of our single ear headsets meet DOT requirements. What is Bluetooth and how do I use it? Bluetooth is a wireless technology that lets you quickly connect devices to one another. The idea is to connect your cellular device to your headset to free up your hands for vehicle or heavy machinery operation. Bluetooth devices tend to stay charged for a very long time and don’t require much maintenance or technological know how.

Below are some of the most popular models of Bluetooth Headsets for drivers and anyone else who needs to communicate on the go:

Blue Parrot Headset

The Blue Parrot Express is the brand’s sleek, smaller headset perfect for anyone that needs maximum mobility. Some of the key features of the headset include:

  • Sound cancelling technology, perfect for the cab of an 18 wheeler.
  • A highly encrypted signal so your conversations are never monitored or stolen.
  • Ultra-lightweight design (0.06 oz)
  • 7 hours of talk time without charging

The Blue Parrot B250-XT is the brand’s most popular headset and the flagship design of the brand. Here are some features:

  • Lighted alert system on the side so you can know when your headset is active
  • Flexible noise-cancelling microphone for crisp conversations
  • Voice recognition so there won’t be added, unnecessary feedback on your calls
  • Over 20 hours of talk time with a 66 foot talk range (from the cellular source)
  • Voice alert system for low battery, being out of range and when pairing the device
  • Accommodates most hearing aids

Blue Tiger Elite

Blue Tiger headsets are a premium product with exceptional sound quality and components. The Elite Wireless Headset, pictured above, is a great representation of the brand’s dedication to only putting out the best headsets on the market. Some key features of the Elite are:

  • Elite noise cancellation
  • 34 hours Of Talk Time
  • The speaker is louder and clearer than its contemporaries and has a wide dynamic audio range
  • The quality padding and contoured fit of the headset make sure you don’t spend time having to adjust it
  • A2DP to use with GPS, Music Players, Laptops, & Other Bluetooth Devices
  • Includes DC (Vehicle) and AC (Home) Adapter Charging Cord

Blue Tiger Pro

One of Blue Tiger’s other premium headsets is the Pro Wireless Headset. This is is a leaner, lighter version of the elite but still has many of the great features.

If you are interested in learning more about the headsets make sure to click the images. There are more images, technical specifications, installation instructions and ordering information on the product pages. And, as always, feel free to call any of our parts specialists for help.