The Great American Truck Show is fast approaching so we’d like to go over some questions our customers have had about it and also what everyone needs to make sure do while they are there in Dallas. It is a big show and take it from us, you don’t to miss anything!

If you haven’t registered for your free ticket to the show, you can do so here at the Great American Truck Show’s website. Once you fill out the information they will either email you or physically mail you your badge information. In the confirmation email you will have your registration number, which you will need along with identification to get your badge at the show. Make sure to fill out the information correctly so you can receive the correct offers and discounts from exhibiting companies. The show itself is from August 22-24th at the Dallas Convention Center. The show is open from 12pm-5pm on Thursday and 10am-5pm on Friday and Saturday.

Things you want to do before and after you get to Dallas:

  • If you plan on staying in a hotel, make sure to get on booking one right away. The GATS show is partnered with many of the hotels in the area. Make sure to check out this page to find discounted rooms.
  • Map out where you are going to park. There is free truck parking at the Reunion lot, which is located at Hotel street and Memorial Drive, at the southwest corner of the Dallas Convention Center.
  • Familiarize yourself with the floor plan so you can get to all the booths and trucks during your time at the show.

Great American Truck Show Floor Plan

  • There is a concert but the tickets are on a first come first serve basis so make sure to get to the registration lobby at 9am the day of the concert to receive your free tickets.
  • Bring a camera or smartphone that can take pictures! The Pride and Polish event is one of the best truck shows you can go to so make sure to take lots of pictures. We always love to meet the owners and ask them the stories behind their rigs. Every show truck seems to have a fun little bit of history.
  • The food in Dallas is great, so make sure to pick at least one night to walk the town. Last year, we ate at The Twisted Root on Commerce St. and it was amazing. Really good burgers and fries with a twist.
  • Bring a sturdy bag to carry all the free stuff you’ll be finding. At the show, everyone is either selling awesome new products or giving away hats, shirts and key chains. If you have kids, you also might leave with as much candy as you do after Halloween.

We can’t wait to see everyone at the show. Make sure to stop by our booth, #19027, and say hi! We’ll have some of our latest and greatest truck accessories on display as well as some really cool T-shirts. If you brought your truck with you, we’d love to see some pictures of it and hear what you have to say about the show trucks from the competition. Happy trails everyone.