Father’s day is a big holiday for all of us that are lucky enough to have a dad, grandpa or great grandpa that’s made an impact on our lives. It’s a day to set aside and appreciate that Dad: The guy who taught you everything you know (or so he thinks.) You don’t need the perfect gift or perfect card to make Dad happy, just give him some extra appreciation and it will last for miles and miles. We also realize that Father’s Day can celebrate anyone who’s been like a father to you because not all families fit the mold. Sometimes dad’s a teacher, coach or other family member who’s stepped in to help when others wouldn’t. What’s important on Father’s Day is appreciating the person that is always there for us.

If you do plan on picking up a gift for dad, our best rule is to buy something you think they’d get for themselves given they stumbled upon some extra cash. At Raney’s, we know that most of the Dads we work with have a truck that they love so that’s a good place to start. If you’re getting products specifically for the vehicle it’s a good idea to make sure to know the make, model and year. In our gift guide for truckers we make a bunch of suggestions on how to find the right gifts and ask the right questions when shopping for a truck driver (If you are a truck driver make sure to tell your family about that page!)

Another good way to guarantee a smile is to pick up a digital gift card. This way, you know he’s going to get the right stuff and have fun while shopping for it. Gift cards are delivered instantly to your email and can be redeemed whenever they need to be. Our cards are guaranteed for life and don’t expire so dad can wait until the perfect deal pops up. Another good way to help find gift suggestions is to sign up for our email list on the home page of our website. The emails are chock full of discounts and gift ideas, especially around the holidays. We hope everyone has a great Father’s Day and treats dad to something special (even if it’s a big hug and a home cooked meal.)