Hammer Lane Apparel

It’s not everyday you run across a tee shirt that really makes you stop and think.

Usually tee shirts are something we end up with after a truck show, concert or sporting event. They might get quickly worn out or not be the best quality, but they remind you of something special that you experienced with friends and family, hence the phrase: “Been there, got the tee shirt.” For people who live life on the road, whether it be as a truck driver, biker or soldier, tee shirts can pile up quickly as you experience the world and all it has to offer. Sometimes though, you want more from your clothes. They can say a lot about you and the people you represent like the infamous skull-laden jackets of the Hell’s Angels or the iconic denim jacket of James Dean.

Hammer Lane Apparel is a new brand of tee shirts that sets out to break the mold of the throw-away tee shirt and deliver iconic quality and comfort, creating a message and meaning that will leave them being your new favorite tee shirts. Hammer Lane started with the idea that people who live life on the road need a brand that represents them. The Hammer Lane is slang for the left lane: The lane you take when you need to get to your destination fast with the pedal down. The shirt’s designs reflect this idea displaying vintage shots of big rigs and stylized pictures of the tools of the road. The initial line of shirts has eight unique designs to choose from and Hammer Lane has confirmed a slew of other shirts to be released over the coming months. Their website, HammerLaneUSA.com will have updates and information about all of their apparel as well as an easy way to order. You’ll also find Hammer Lane at events all across the country reaching out to the people that make their business possible. If you enjoy social media, Hammer Lane has you covered too. Following them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram is a great way to hear about new designs and specials, and capitalize on giveaways and promotions. Who doesn’t like cool pictures and free stuff?

Here are two of the featured release shirts from Hammer Lane Apparel:

Old School Hammer Lane Shirt

Old School was inspired by the classic Kenworth W900A and the tradition of preservation in the trucking industry. There aren’t many things in the world that get used every day and still last for decades other than an American made diesel-powered truck.

Hammer Lane Original Shirt

It all started with a logo. The hardest working people hammer away at life, day in and day out. The Hammer Lane original is where it all begins, leaving the future as wide as the open road.

To purchase, or for more information on the creation of the shirts make sure to click the images.