Truck Driving Struggles

Struggles Of Over-The-Road Trucking During The Holiday Season  

Over-the-road (OTR) trucking certainly has its advantages. You get to see the country, don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder, and in many cases, experience the excitement of entrepreneurship. However, there is a downside and one of the biggest struggles that drivers have is being separated from their family during the holiday season. This is hard on the truck driver as well as his/her family and can seriously strain relationships.

There are some things that drivers and their families can do to bridge that gap and make everyone feel a little closer — not just during the holidays but all year.


Communication is essential in any relationship. If you want your relationships to thrive — or even just survive — you have to invest in them, and communication is where it all starts. With most cellphones offering the luxury of free long-distance calling, and smartphones with their video capabilities and various communication-oriented apps, there is no reason why you can’t make communication a priority.

There are several great apps that let you video chat with others:

Try to communicate regularly with the folks back home. Whether you call every day or video chat every other day, or whatever you do to keep in touch, create a schedule and stick to it.

Special Gifts with a Personal Touch

When on the road, help your loved ones feel a little closer to you by giving them reminders of you. A picture frame for a digital photo slideshow is a great gift. It is a loving reminder that you are always with them. A digital photo keychain is also a great option, even for kids. They can keep precious photos with them at all times. Semi truck toys or models are another great gift for kids. Get one that looks just like your truck and they can serve as a very special reminder of you.

Travel Collections

OTR trucking usually has drivers visit many different states. Start a collection with your kids, or even the grown-ups who miss you, and bring home something from each state. It can be one of the typical tourist items like thimbles, spoons, bells or magnets; or it can be something a little different like rocks or wood. Label each item with the state, date and area where you purchased it, then, when you get home to loved ones, set up a display for the collection together.

Comforts from Home

Bringing a few comforts from home when you’re on the road can help ease homesickness a bit. Bring your pillow or a quilt from home. Get a truck mattress that is a little more comfortable, more like your mattress at home. Scent is also closely tied to our memories, so using air fresheners in your truck that remind you of home can help, too. The kids or even your wife or girlfriend may find comfort in wearing one of your shirts to sleep in. Find creative ways to reach across the miles and feel united with the people you love.

When you’re Far from Home, We Can Help you Feel a Little Closer

At Raney’s we have more than 40 years in the trucking industry. We understand how tough it is to be on the road during the holiday season. We have all your OTR trucking needs for function and comfort. Call 888-888-7990 or visit our website to see all of our great deals that help make being on the road a little easier.