Raney’s, as part of an ongoing effort to make things simpler and more fun for all things chrome, has launched their new buying guide section on RaneysTruckParts.com. Choosing the right parts can be really difficult sometimes, especially if you are buying a gift for someone else or don’t know your way around a tool set. The buying guide has step by step images and diagrams to help you better understand the truck you drive as well as the parts you put on it. There are also installation videos for many of the products so you can see the best chrome parts being installed on all types of trucks. We’ll go over the sections and what to expect from them below, there will be plenty more added in the coming weeks so make sure to bookmark and favorite the page if it was helpful to you. Click the blue links below to go to any of the sections in the buying guide:

In the “Top Stacks” guide you’ll see all of the different exhaust brands offered at Raney’s as well as the different styles and cuts available. There are economy options to get you back on the road quickly as well as show grade options to keep your truck at the cutting edge of exhaust technology and in truck show winner’s circles.

The “Hood Ornaments” section goes through the history behind some of the most famous hood ornaments from the Mack Bulldog to the Convoy Deathproof Duck. There are also videos showing how the ornaments look and shine in real life as well as explanations on how to install them without any hassles.

The “Axle Cover & Hub Cap” section goes through how to size your hubcaps using some simple steps as well as how to install new covers. Keeping your axles looking good is a great way to fix up an old truck in no time and with the guides it’s a snap.

One of the most common questions we get over the phones is “How do you I know what size lug nuts you have?” In the “Lug Nut Cover Guide” this question is answered and more about installing and picking your lug nut covers.

Last, but not least, is the “Gear Shift Knobs” guide. Your hand is on the shifter all the time so make sure your pick the right one. There are guides on selecting the right configuration for your gearbox and pictures and videos of the different designs.

As always, if you still have a question about any of our products please call our toll free number and one of our parts specialists will be happy to help you. We understand your time is very valuable so we will constantly work to make sure you get the right product for your rig every time. Please leave any comments or questions in the comments below! Click the image below to go to the main buying guide hub.

Buying Guide for Truck Parts